For more details on the rent-to-own program: click on the "Rent-to-Own Guidelines" menu tab.

 Why rent to own?

  • Try before you buy! - The Initial Trial Period down payment enables the student to try the instrument out. 

  • No obligation to buy! - If, at any time, you decide to return your instrument, and your account is current, you will have no further obligation to pay.

  • You are earning credit towards purchasing!  If you keep your instrument, the base rental rate paid will be applied to the purchase price.  There is no cost of rental service fee applied for the first 12 months and if you decide to purchase early, you will recieve a 30% discount off of your balance due. 

  • No expensive repair bills! - When you purchase LDW-the liability for loss or damage waiver- if a repair is needed during your rental period, we will repair the instrument back to playing condition at no additional cost to the renter.  Certain rights due to loss in a fire or theft also apply - see contract for details. 

  • EZ Pay available! Sign up for automatic billing with a major credit card and avoid credit checks, late fees, and statement fees.

As a Music and Arts Affiliate Partner, Stone Cottage Band Instrument Shoppe offers a wonderful Rent To Own Program.  Designed with the beginner in mind, this program is very popular with parents throughout the country.  In our store, we keep quality, brand name, director approved instruments ready  for you to rent or purchase.  There is some basic rental information in the Rent-to-Own Guidelines page on this website.  Please call 828-456-4880 with any questions and to reserve your instrument for pickup at Stone Cottage.
Too busy to come into the store to rent an instrument?
For your convenience, we have an

online rental tab
that directs you to Music & Arts Online Rentals with 1) In-store Pick-Up From Stone Cottage
2) Delivery to School Provided By Stone Cottage
3) Shipping Directly to You 
*​shipping charges will apply*


      $ 9.99 - Covers 1st month trial period

           .01  - First month of LDW  fee (optional)

  +      .70 - Tax


    $10.70 - Total Down Payment 

   (Reservation Fee For 1st Month Trial Period)

Regular Monthly Payment Resumes Starting 2nd Month  

       $ 28.00 + 7.00 (LDW) + 2.45 (TAX) = $ 37.45




*This price reflects the rate for the flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, violin, viola or percussion kit.  The first month trial period is $10.70 (special price trial period pricing for the first month).  Regular rental rate for the following months is $28.00 per month. LDW is $7.00 per month.

*Monthly payments will resume on the 2nd month at $37.45 per month ( this includes LDW and Taxes.)

*Major credit card, security deposit or credit check required.

*Alto sax, cello, oboe, French horn, baritone horn, piccolo, tenor Sax, bass clarinet, string bass and step -up instruments are also available for rent to own at great rates.

*See "Rent- To- Own Guidelines"

Rent To Own Program


Phone (828) 456-4880